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Purchasing a grey TV stand will offer a distinctive style that will blend in naturally with your home décor. The word grey is sometimes used disparagingly and can deter people from incorporating this neutral tone into their colour scheme. After you take one look at the varied shades and styles available below, the chances are you will have to rethink everything else around this new classy purchase!

That sense of refinement is what makes a grey TV stand feel so timeless, able to adapt to a classic, contemporary or even futuristic interior. Much of this is very much dependent on how light or dark you have a desire to go of course, and how it fits in with the ambience of the room as a whole.

A lighter shade offers more of a calm and soothing feel, especially when paired with mellow lighting or in a room that offers plenty of natural daylight. A three tone effect combining black (perhaps the TV itself) with a modern grey stand, set against clean white walls or skirting boards will create a stunning backdrop to soak up as you relax on your sofa.

Or you may wish to revert to a classic look, which the Core Products Corona Grey TV stand instantly provides. The metal drop handles and grey washed-out rustic finish adds an instant dash of refinement. This sort of antique style will suit a home that places value in traditional décor, perhaps aided by vintage ornaments that compliment a farmhouse or countryside interior.

One look at the monolithic shape of the Alphason Element Modular stand with its clean glass finish and you might think you’ve jumped forward into a different century. Minimalist and concise, this is perfect for those who like to keep things simple. The beauty of the Element range is how it allows you to combine units, giving you full control over the finished look so it suits your personal needs

All of our TV stands allow for organised cable management, which is essential to making sure you keep them out of sight and avoid getting wires and leads in a tangle. Not only does it mean they will remain safe and undamaged, but allow easier access in the area for cleaning. Another important design element to look out for on closed door cabinets is integrated ventilation. Allowing air to reach your entertainment devices will mean they will stay at the right temperature to keep on working as they should.

At Price Crash Furniture we understand the various elements that make up a high quality TV stand. We only bring you the very best products hand-picked by our specialist buyers, who have combed over the smallest of details to guarantee you are happy with your purchase.

Detailing material durability, storage space, cable management, ventilation and décor suggestions all come as part of the special service we are happy to offer you. We pride ourselves on being more than just an online shop to make you purchase. Our aim is to embellish you with ideas and to help make your home feel even more special to you.