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Working from home can be wonderful. For one, there’s no stressful commute so you can spend an extra 30-60 minutes sleeping peacefully in your bed. Nor do you need to worry about packing any food, you can nip through for a cup of tea and a handful of biscuits any time you like. Best of all, though, you can sneakily watch This Morning and Homes Under the Hammer without any raised eyebrows from your colleagues.

In order to work productively from home, though, you need a space in which you feel both comfortable and professional. Yes, you could work in your pyjamas on the couch, however, the likelihood is that you won’t feel half as productive as you would in your own office or studio.

There’s lots of professions that might allow you to work from home. Perhaps you have your own business, such as a crafter or writer. Or, maybe you work in a business such as accounting or law, that allows you to do some work from home, saving you that slog into the office.

Whatever your job, you need an office or studio that accommodates everything you need to work efficiently and comfortably. Which is exactly why you need the Loft office and studio collection, that will allow you to customise your space for your job.

Firstly, every worker needs a desk, and this Loft desk is ideal. This dark oak desk is incredibly versatile, with plenty of space for a laptop, computer or lots of papers. Unlike more clinical looking desks, this table has stylish metal pipe legs and details that is seen through the entire range.

As well as the desk, there is also other pieces of furniture in the Loft range, including: coffee table, bookshelves, side table and wall shelves.

Now a coffee or side table might not seem like the obvious choice for an office, but these can actually be a very nice addition when you have the space. For one, a side or lamb table can be a wonderful place to sit a lamp and a house plant. Having better light and plants can help you feel more productive while working. Plus, if you regularly have clients over, having a small sofa and coffee table can make your office feel more inviting and professional.

Ideal for storage and filling, the Loft 3-tier and 4-tier bookshelves have plenty of room for all your work stuff. These are particularly stylish bookshelves and would be wonderful for displaying your work or any framed certificates or qualifications you might have.

Of course, no office would be complete without an office chair, and Loft have plenty of chairs suitable for every style, including this wonderful chair with a bright lime back. Or, if you’ve always wanted to feel like a CEO in your home, this faux leather luxury chair make you feel like a boss.

All of these pieces would also be perfect for a teenager’s room or a for halls at university, letting your children study and learn at a proper desk.