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Freshen Up Your Bedroom with the May Collection

Usually, the problem with decorating your bedroom with new furniture is that you have to compromise on style in order to gain functionality. But why should you? There’s absolutely no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t exude design and style, while still having a high level of functionality and storage.

Which is where the May collection comes in. Sleek, stylish and modern, every piece in the May collection is also hard-wearing and high-quality, meaning it will last you for years to come. Plus, with numerous options available in the collection, you’re sure to find everything you need for your dream bedroom.

The wonderful thing about May bedroom furniture is the fact that each piece is made with anti-tipping safety and comes with wall brackets so you can securely attach these pieces to the wall. This makes the May collection a wonderful choice for both nurseries and children’s bedrooms. All the furniture is hard-wearing, so it can withstand the punishment that kids can put their furniture through, too.

Here’s a little closer look at some of the pieces, each of which is available in black, grey and dark walnut:

May 3-Drawer Chest of Drawers

Ideal for children, this 3-drawer chest has amble storage space for clothes and even toys. Yet, these pieces aren’t just for the kids, these drawers would look wonderful in a teenager’s room, a guest bedroom or even your own room.

If you’d like a little more storage, you could easily slot two of these chests beside each other to make one large chest. This will not only give you lots of storage, but will also create a dramatic feature to any room – especially if you pick the opulent black colour. Then just top your drawers with a piece of art or a mirror on the wall above it.

May 5-Drawer Chest of Drawers

If you’d like more storage, just without needing two chests, then the May collection has a handy 5-drawer version of their chest. This gives you a taller version of the same sleek, modern design just with more storage for you.

The drawers themselves have a modern, metallic handle. This is elevated even more with the easy-glide drawer system, meaning you won’t have to struggle to get into your drawers.

Then there’s the bonus that you’ll never again need to argue over space for your clothes. As, with storage like this, you will all have enough room for all your clothes.

May Beside Cabinet

A beside cabinet is more than just a place to stick your smartphone at the end of the night when you’re finished scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. It should also be a hub where you keep everything you love close to hand.

Whether that be a big cup of tea to take to bed, your favourite snacks that you want to hide from the kids or that book you’re planning on reading – your beside cabinet hides all that clutter and allows you to enjoy your bedroom all the more.

Like the other pieces in the May collection, these bedside cabinets are modern and stylish, perfect for adding a pretty lamp and some flowers to complete the look of your bedroom.