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Long gone are the days where a piece of furniture was just a functional piece of wood. These days, we demand more from our furniture choices – and rightly so! You should fill your home with stylish and beautiful pieces of furniture, where someone has taken the time to design something wonderful.

Many of us look for our home improvement ideas from Pinterest, where you can find thousands of pins outlining the best and most wanted furniture designs available online. One such trend, which has taken the Pinterest boards by storm, is leaning furniture.

Leaning furniture is stylish, dramatic and, really, just a brilliant piece of furniture design. Which is what makes the Oslo collection, with its elements of leaning furniture, so popular.

Leaning Bookcases

The leaning furniture trend started with bookshelves. These trendy pieces of furniture resemble a wooden ladder that has been left leaning against a wall. The shelves that can then be filled with books, games or anything else you like.

The Oslo range has two bookshelves, one in a white and oak finish and the other in white and black matte. These both have four shelves and one drawer, giving you ample room to show off your favourite books to your friends.

These bookshelves take up very little room, too. This means you could easy add two to a room, without the shelves being over-bearing.

Leaning Desk

Yet it’s not just bookshelves in this stunning collection. More unusually, this Scandinavian collection is also home to a leaning desk. This clever use of space turns what can often be a boring, functional piece of furniture into a complete design feature.

Similar to the Oslo bookcase, the leaning desk comes in both white and oak as well as white and matte black. The desk has amble room for a laptop, yet it not intrusive as a desk. This makes it ideal for a student’s room or to add a desk to a living or dining room, without it taking up too much room or looking clunky.

There are even some useful shelves for adding stationary files or a nice little plant to perk you up while you work.

Other Elements in the Oslo Collection

What makes the Oslo collection truly inspiring though, is the fact that these gorgeous pieces of leaning furniture also have a wide range of matching pieces. This includes: a TV unit, bedside drawer, coffee table, sideboard, shoe cabinet and wardrobe amongst others – again available in the oak and white or white and black matte.

With such a variety in the pieces available, you can easily furnish various rooms in your house with this modern collection.

Notably, the Oslo bedroom furniture makes for a fun and vibrant way to decorate your bedroom. These pieces all feature long legs, typical of Scandinavian design. Even better, there is a lot of storage options on offer, making it perfect for keeping all your clothes and belongings hidden away. Leaving you with a clean and sleek design for your bedroom.