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Oslo Bench Desks

In Norway, they call it design fortreffelighet, we call it design excellence. Oslo bench desking is the embodiment of that philosophy.

It melds beautifully structured polar white desk tops with a polished solid timber curved leg.

The natural tone of the wood legs is reflected with a highlighted desk top edge that blends with the natural wood hue. A flyover desk top appears to float above the strong frame giving a spacious look to the ensemble.

Wire management has been created with a triple port design to the tops enabling cables to be fed through a large central escallop or a side cable wave at each end. Even uneven flooring is no problem with discreet floor levellers fitted on every leg to adjust to different planes.

The white tops are made from highgrade MFC which are heat and stain resistant and provide every office with a Scandinavian oye appell (or eye appeal as we say).