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Every bed suffers wear and tear over time, which is why it is important to invest in good quality to begin with. While going for cheaper options will save money in the short run, your overall spend is likely to be higher if you are forced back into the bed market searching for a replacement. Of course, there are some unavoidable changes needed to keep your bed in the best condition possible and our comprehensive range of add-ons will help you out in no time at all.

Wooden slats falling out from the bottom of a bed is a common occurrence that can drive the most patient of people crazy! There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning only to find one side of the bed has slumped down and your body is closer to the floor than you feel comfortable with. Getting the slat into place is not always such an easy task either, which can sometimes lead to breakage. We have a great range of slats available to suit single and double beds, so if you are left in an lob-sided situation one morning, Price Crash Furniture have got you covered.

When you first buy a divan bed, you will typically find casters attached in a small plastic pouch for you to join to the underside. Most people tend to discard these as they know the bed is going to be set in one place for quite some time. However, should you change the layout of the room, then the deeply embedded marks in the carpet made by the bed can be unsightly and take some time to disappear. Similarly, if you have to change from carpet to wooden floors, ideally you do not want a bed that can leave marks on the floor. If you need to find replacement casters or wish to attach them for the first time, we have a broad range that will work on any surface.

Sofa beds continue to be popular because of how beneficial they are to homeowners. The manufacturing process has improved significantly over the past couple of decades, meaning they serve their dual purposes extremely well. If space is tight at home and you regularly entertain friends and family, then investing in a good quality sofa bed makes complete sense.

As you can see below, you do not have to compromise on style, which means you retain the aesthetics of your décor with a sofa bed that offers practical usage. Many also come with additional storage space which allows you to keep any household clutter safely tucked away, while always remaining accessible. And of course, you are not limited to keeping the sofa bed in one room, offering more versatility than a traditional sofa, should you need it.

Everything you could ever need for a peaceful night’s sleep is stored under one roof at Price Crash Furniture. There is no need to purchase from multiple online stores where you can incur unneeded and expensive delivery charges. You can find it all here, with the added bonus of fast and free delivery!