The amazing thing about children is their ability to view the simplest of objects as the most exciting thing in the world. There are few things in life as wonderful as watching your little ones lost in their own imagination, playing to their hearts content.

Our selection of play furniture is designed to encourage and stimulate your children’s play activities. Many of these also hold a helpful dual function for parents too, allowing you to store away toys in play or toy boxes.

Play furniture at a young age often becomes a childhood memory that lasts a lifetime. When they have grown up and have kids of their own, they’ll no doubt reflect back on that old toybox, push along cart or that tiny desk they spent so many hours playing at.

You’ll find a great combination of that in our JCB set. The best place to start is with the ongoing battle that will seemingly never end – making sure the bedroom is tidy! The Kidsaw 9 Bin Storage unit offers plenty of room to keep Lego, action figures, puzzles and much more, which will prove to be invaluable as more presents and gifts are accumulated over the years.

Likewise, the JCB bookcase is strong and sturdy to survive the little one hurtling around the place, while keeping all their reading books and school exercise material together. An added bonus is, as they grow older, you can change the design with one lick of paint. Or, if you have another one on the way, it can be used all over again.

The JCB Easel offers a combined use of learning and fun, giving them a blank canvas to get creative and for you to sit down together and learn basic alphabet and numbers.

If they really want to have fun with their imagination, then the Kidsaw Patisserie Playbox and Playbox Kitchen lets them get truly creative. These are bright and cheerful ways for them to get to grips with food and cooking while still focusing on play.

Table and chair furniture compliments the Playbox range, so they can sit down with their imaginary food and cups of tea and throw their own dinner party! We have the Patisserie Table & Chair set, Safari table and stools, or the Speed Racer table for the boys.

The Kidsaw Patisserie Push Along is a perfect start point for kids who want to go shopping round the house. Its energetic design will suit the happiness of the little girl pushing it along and for your peace of mind, the trolley is built to withstand the many knocks and bumps it will no doubt pick up.

Young boys always enjoy playing goodies and baddies, which is why the old tales of the sea continue to live on. The lifestyle of a pirate is an exciting one, so why not get him his own little treasure chest for his room? The Kidsaw Pirate Treasure Chest has been designed with fun in mind. Not only will he love stashing away his secret treasure during play, but you can use it at the end of the day to safely store away toys and other bits and pieces.

There is also a wonderful range of Country Cottage furniture that incorporates a kitchen, playbox and table and chairs. The kitchen is a classic design, replicating all the features of a cooker, complete with storage cupboards, which is perfect to pack away any additional accessories you may buy. The playbox doubles as a cute countryside bench and a toy storage unit, while the table and chairs will seat all the dolls and teddy bears as they sit down for their daily picnics!

For the boys, there is the very functional Skip Toybox that can be used for play during the day and early evening, before stacking away the toys before bedtime. The Playbox Racer F1 can be used as background while he plays with his cars and racetracks on the floor. Then when all the drama of the races have finished, they can be stored away together until they are ready to rev into action another day.

As you can see, there we have a whole range of options to suit both you and the little ones, with something to fit into every family home. The amount of items in your kid’s bedrooms grows quickly, so it is important you can think of practical solutions to keep it looking tidy, without reducing their capacity to learn and play.

All of our play furniture is packed and delivered with the upmost of care, so you can be safe in the knowledge that some of the larger items will arrive ready to be opened and enjoyed straight away.