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A single bed offers a multitude of different uses and if looked after with care, can last for quite some years. At Price Crash Furniture we have a fantastic range of wooden and metal frames to suit any home, whether they are for single adults, teenagers, or the guest room. Whether you live in a large house or a compact flat, we’ve got something for everyone.

If your spare room isn’t already in use for a home office, or cluttered with ornaments and bits of furniture that have outstayed their welcome over the years, then a single bed is a great investment. As this will be a long-term purchase, you can justify spending a bit more money on this extra bed, as it will not be used frequently and will stay in good condition for a significant amount of time. We understand of course that budget cannot be totally ignored for most people, so we have a great range of prices to help you keep control of your spending.

Time doesn’t stand still and before you know it, those little toddlers who were running around grabbing everything at knee level, have grown into fully-fledged mini-adults! Teenagers go through unexpected growth spurts, so finding the right bed at the right time can sometimes prove tricky. Even if they head off to university they will of course be returning home, and the likelihood is they’ll be living under your roof for at least a few years after graduation too, so finding a comfortable, well-made bed is important. When searching for a teenager’s bed, quality is important, given how much usage it will go through. Aside from spending 8 hours a night sleeping, a lot of time will be spent sitting and lying on the bed; all of which we take into account with our selection below.

Some adults prefer to sleep in single bed, as it fits in with their budget and size of their home. Divan beds are particularly popular as they are easy to manoeuvre and allow the option of a headboard as the finishing touch. If you are renting and likely to move house or flat at some point, Divan beds are also easier to dismantle and transport from one place to another. If you are short on space, storage beds are also ideal for tucking away bedding, towels and clothing, as the deep sized drawers provide extra room.

Measuring the bed, wall or room you are buying the bed for is a helpful tip, especially if you have ordered a mattress from another country. There is no international standard size, so the last thing you want is a base that doesn’t fit the mattress or vice-versa. The safe bet is to buy them both from the same supplier and as a one-stop online furniture store, Price Crash Furniture have got you covered.

There’s no lying down on the job when you’re looking for a new bed, so take advantage of our amazing offers and give yourself the restful sleep you deserve!