Steens Baroque furniture is designed to take you back to the grand opulence of the 17th and 18th centuries. The extravagance of this period can be seen in the shape and detail of every piece, adding a touch of glamour and decadence to your surroundings.

This classic period of furniture is almost antique in style and works perfectly as a feature piece in the hallway, living room or bedroom. The beautifully carved wood and elegant shape gives it a unique character that looks as gracious today as it did hundreds of years ago.

What Steens Baroque furniture provides is the opportunity to bring some of this gorgeous style into your home at a price you can afford. Baroque furniture can typically be quite expensive and only a select group of people have had the budget to purchase before now. Our dedication to bringing you amazing quality at great prices means that is no longer the case.

Take a look at our amazing collection of baroque furniture and see what catches your eye. Whether you are looking for an ornate vanity unit, a fabulous dressing table or just a handsomely crafted mirror to complete the look in the room, you will find something to match in our range below.

The Steens Baroque Style Nightstand Bedside Table is an absolute delight that will bring charm and beauty into the bedroom. The smooth curved lines help to make the most of the space next to the bed and when put together with a lamp, the coffee black wood creates a heart-warming glow in the evening. Despite the name the table works just as well in the hallway, or as a small side table next to the sofa or arm chair in the living room.

Whether you are looking for a new chest of drawers to slot into the corner of your own bedroom, or as part of a redecoration in the guest room, the Steens Baroque Style Narrow Chest Of Drawers is just the ticket. The design of this unit really brings alive the feeling of centuries past and you will be bursting with pride once it takes up position in your bedroom. It isn’t just a beautiful piece of furniture to look a as the draw space provides plenty of room for functional use.

Every dressing table needs a chair or a stool to accompany it and Steens Baroque Dressing Table Stool could be what you are looking for. Simplicity is everything with this design and the curved flourish on the legs adds its own character. There are few frills to this stool but it will find its place easily under any dressing table and provide a comfortable seat when you are getting ready for the day or removing make-up in the evening.

Transport yourself back hundreds of years with Steens Baroque range. This is the perfect chance to spoil yourself without breaking the bank while recreating the glory so closely linked to this style of furniture. And with no delivery charges for anything your order you can live like a king and queen for as long as you desire!