Our range of furniture continues to grow and the Steens Softline collection is a beautiful vintage collection that evokes the style of an older era while adding an exciting new dimension to your décor. The distinctive shape and colour of each piece is what makes this furniture so special.

Vintage furniture is a style that never really goes out of fashion. The timeless appeal of the design keeps attracting homeowners back to its unique appearance and they continue to influence the furniture manufactured today. Rather than choosing mass produced pieces that you can find in any number of homes, Steens Softline furniture allows you to be truly individual and create a living space that is all of your own.

The Steens Softline range is also extremely cost effective allowing you to buy particular pieces of furniture at an affordable price. To curate a certain style in your living room or bedroom shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune and with the help of Price Crash Furniture you can piece together a stunning collection to completely transform every room in your house.

Whether you are looking for a stylish bookcase for the hallway, or a sleek retro style work desk to complete your home office, one look at our fantastic selection will set your imagination alive!

Take, for example, the Steens Softline Retro Hall Table. This is a design you will struggle to find in many other furniture retail stores online and its retro chic truly sets it apart. Positoned in the hallway it can be used as a place to leave the house or car keys, or use simple lamp to help illuminate the space in the evening with a gentle glow. It can be the missing piece in the puzzle and the deep draws also provide useful storage room for any bits and pieces left lying around.

More people than ever are working from home either on a freelance basis or through a flexible arrangement with their employers. Everyone needs a place to concentrate and focus but why not invigorate your work space with the Steens Softline Retro Style Wide Desk? The minimalist colours and design allow it work in almost any décor and there is plenty of space to position your laptop/desktop and any other important documents needed to complete your work.

The Steens Softline Retro Style Sideboard gives the 60s throwback look that still looks just as cool and stylish as it did all those years ago. Every living room needs storage space to tuck away the bits and pieces that collect over time and with 2 doors and 4 drawers there is more than enough room for all your possessions. As with all Steens furniture it is built to last and once in place it will become a staple part of your home for many years.

The benefits of buying retro furniture is almost endless and we know you are going to love our timeless collection. Our customers inspire us to be better and in return we continue to supply furniture that makes all the difference.