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Decorating a child’s bedroom can be difficult. Especially when one week Peppa Pig is their favourite thing in the world, then next week it’s all about Captain America. To truly keep on top of your child’s bedroom decorations, you need to be smart. Which is why you need shelves.

Shelves add a real versatility to a bedroom – particularly when it comes to a child’s bedroom. Here you can keep a room relatively neutral when it comes to the walls. Such as beiges or whites in an easy-clean paint. So, if you happen to leave an errant lipstick around, it won’t be the end of the world if it ends up smeared across the wall.

Then it’s just a case of adding personality through accessories such as bedding. Here is where your shelves become so useful. These are ideal for adding soft toys, ornaments and even some framed pictures.

Our collection of shelves has everything from modern cubes to traditional wooden shelves, ideal for any style of bedroom. For a versatile collection of shelves, you can’t go wrong with the Hudson Oak four piece set. This pack has both cubes and a traditional flat shelf, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

Even better, shelves are superb for putting items out of your child’s reach. Perhaps your Great Aunt Meredith has passed down an antique doll or you’ve bought some wonderful action figures that they’ll love in the future. Neither are particularly suitable to be played with, but you still might like to have them on display in the room. Here a shelf is ideal, hiding them out of reach.

Shelves don’t just need to be used for hiding breakable objects, though, there are plenty of fun ways to use shelves specifically aimed at kids.

Take the Arran Matt shelves, rather than putting these high on the wall in a bid to keep items out of reach, why not turn these shelves into a little library? Choose a corner in their bedroom and add three or four shelves from the skirting board upwards – to around your child’s height. Then fill these shelves with lots of different books for them to read. For extra fun, add a comfy beanbag and a reading light. This will really inspire your child to relax and take to reading.

Shelves don’t just need to be for reading, though. These sectioned wall shelves would be ideal for any child’s bedroom. Again, like a reading corner, put these shelves within reach of your child and allow them to use it as a way to store their toys – such as Barbies or action figures.

This is a perfect way for children to learn how to keep their rooms tidy and it can even allow them to develop their personality, as they choose which toys they’d like to display to their friends.

Whatever way you choose to utilise shelves in a child’s bedroom, these are a cost-effective and simple way to add storage and fun to a child’s bedroom.