4 You Medium Narrow Bookcase In Pearl White

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Medium Narrow Bookcase In Pearl White

The 4 you narrow pearl white bookcase is ideal for display purposes. Standing at just over 3 and half feet, with two adjustable shelves, this bookcase is ideal for more than just books! We all know that books are produced in different sizes, so it doesn’t really make too much sense to invest in a bookcase with fixed height shelves.

Perhaps books are not really your thing and you would like to display something else? Because the shelves on this 4 you narrow bookcase are adjustable, you can display so much more than ‘just’ a collection of books. Video games, DVD’s, compact discs and photographs are just a few of the things that this ‘bookcase’ can accommodate.

Trophies and potted plants are also viable candidates. Whatever your needs, whatever your decor, the pearl white 4 You narrow bookcase is the perfection addition to any home either on their own as part of a set.

You are not even restricted to the living room! This bookcase is just as handy in the bedroom as the front room, and even makes a great display space in the hallway. Because they are heat and moisture resistant, you can use them for humidity loving pot plants in the bathroom too… Or as extra space for storing toiletries and bath items.

Super easy to put together on your own, the bookcase comes in just one box which comes with everything you need including instructions.

  • Size W 300 x H 1114 x D 346 mm
  • Pearl White
  • Number of boxes: 1
  • Laminated board ( resistant to damage and scratches, moisture and high temperature )
  • Metal brackets
  • Easy self Assembly