Copenhagen Country Style Single Dressing Table in Cream & Pine

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Copenhagen Country Style Single Dressing Table in Cream & Pine

When it comes to style and elegance in a dressing table / home office desk, it is pretty hard to beat this cream and pine offering from the Copenhagen furniture collection. To say this looks great is like saying sunsets are “kind of OK, if you like that sort of thing”. The light cream colouring of the solid MDF is accented perfectly by the deeper, richer tones of the solid pine wood trim and top.

Pine wooden handles really make the drawers stand out in the most positive of ways, making the already attractive dressing table / desk even more beautiful. It is hard to deny that this piece of bedroom furniture is anything but stunning and the easy way that this piece easily integrates itself into the existing decor of the bedroom makes this an attractive purchase.

Easily one of the best value for money pieces of furniture on the market today, this dressing table looks fabulous in any part of the home; despite the bedroom being the traditional resting place of the dressing table, it doesn’t have to be. A dedicated home office, for example, could make great use of this dressing table as a desk

Provided as a flat pack for home assembly, the dressing table is surprisingly easy to put together.

  • Size W 1003 x D 475 x H 739 mm
  • Solid Cream MDF & Pine
  • Top / Base:16 mm
  • Sides:15 mm
  • Front:16 mm
  • Cam lok drawer fronts
  • Metal drawer runners
  • White wooden handles
  • Plywood drawer bottoms
  • Easy self assembly
  • Weight 24.7kg