Teknik Kneeling Chair Stool Wood

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Teknik Kneeling Chair Wood

The Teknik Kneeling Chair with wooden frame helps to develop and promote a better posture in its user. It does this by distributing the user’s weight across the body more evenly than a standard office chair could. This kneeling chair can be used as a direct replacement for the office chair, for light use.

Both the height and angle of the seat can be adjusted by the user to ensure that a comfortable and more natural kneeling position can be found. Kneeling chairs are much more comfortable than they might first appear, thanks to the angles of the seats and the generous amount of padding

Anybody considering one of these Teknik kneeling chairs but are worried about stress to their knees have nothing to worry about. The posterior of the user bears most of the weight of the user, and of the remaining weight, it is the shins, not the knees, that take the majority of the load.

Maintaining correct and proper posture while working at a desk is important, especially if done frequently, and the Teknik kneeling chair helps to address this concern. Some assembly is required before first use but the included full instructions will have you completing the assembly in minutes

  • Classic designed wooden kneeling chair
  • Encourages a more ergonomic posture
  • Angle and height adjustment for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for light office use
  • Requires easy self assembly
  • Available from stock in blue, burgundy, charcoal, green, lime green and pink

Dimensions :

Seat Height 50-60 cm
Seat Depth 29 cm
Seat Width 39 cm