Teknik Bistro Table Beech

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Teknik Bistro Table Beech

The beech bistro table from the Teknik Office furniture range a rather versatile piece of furniture. As the name would suggest, it is excellent in a cafe environment as well as in the office. In the workplace, the beech bistro table is ideal in a waiting or reception area and many business types can take advantage of its use types - these can include providing a surface area for a seated waiting space, for people to enjoy a coffee at perhaps, or it could be put to work displaying promotional items

A staff canteen can be populated with beech bistro tables, providing unparalleled comfort and style. Away from the workplace, the beech bistro table from the Teknik Office range of furniture would not look out of place serving a purpose as a dining table. Especially for those homes where space could be an issue, the bistro table can be a great way to get your family around a table without it taking over your home.

The surface of the beech bistro table is easy to wipe clean, so keeping your new table looking pristine is not going to be difficult. A sturdy design means this table is going to provide years of unfaltering service.

Light assembly is required but the included instructions mean that you will be up and running in minutes.


Table Height 76 cm

Table Top Diameter 90 cm

Table Base Diameter 52 cm

Net Weight 20 kg