Teknik Bistro Table White

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Teknik Bistro Table White

The Teknik Office company are a stylish and innovative manufacturer that specialises in creating the kinds of office furniture that will look amazing gracing any work environment. Not only that but many of the items in the Teknik Office furniture range also work surprisingly well away from the work office environment. Many chairs, for example, work just as well in a bedroom setting as they do in an office.

The white bistro table from Teknik is another example of flexible use furniture. While the table works great as a display stand for promotional items, it is also very useful in a canteen either for guests / members of the public or staff. Placed in a waiting area, such as a reception, it helps provide a comfortable space when used together with suitable seats.

For homes low on space, the white bistro table also serves as a low impact dining table, easily seating four people. This makes it ideal for homes where any space used is used wisely and any items do not take up too much room unnecessarily.

The table is easy to wipe clean and maintain so will provide many years of service. Light assembly is required but with the handy instructions that are included you will have the white bistro table put together in no time.


Table Height 76 cm

Table Top Diameter 90 cm

Table Base Diameter 52 cm

Net Weight 20 kg