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The Most Stylish Grey Furniture Online, UK

Finally made the down payment on that upscale loft you’ve been eyeing downtown? Congratulations! That is one major hurdle done and over with. Now it is time to take on the next step of decorating that interior. Your colour scheme plays a key role in determining what sort of vibe your crib has. You could opt to score points with your longtime partner by giving them the honors of decorating your lair. However, you could possibly end up stuck living in a pad similar to an adult size Barbie house. On the bright side though, you get to channel your inner love for all things bright and beautiful. Or you play it safe and retain your creative spirit by considering a touch of grey.

Now the 50 shades of Grey scenario is not what we are talking about here, get your mind out of the gutter - it is the colour grey we focusing on. Often considered plain, this is one colour that is very masculine and when played up with a couple of well-crafted statement pieces, comes off looking luxurious and much more expensive than it actually is. Rest assured you can guarantee just that with the best grey furniture online such as that found in the Steens Richmond Grey Collection.

 Steens Richmond - Quality Grey Furniture For Your Home

With a crib that posh, you need to say your final goodbyes to that ratty old bean bag you snagged from the frat house and the 3-foot childhood bed you have been squeezing your grown self on, sneaking in cuddles here and there. There is no time as good for some long overdue spring cleaning as when you are moving house. Worried about finding suitable replacements? The Steens Richmond Grey Collection has what you need.

Steens Richmond, has in its stables, a sturdy 4’6-foot bed made of the finest Scandinavian pine and grey painted MDF. With the Steens Richmond 4’6 Grey and Pine Double Bed, there is certainly room for two. Your days of breathing into your partner’s air space are over. 

Need a bedside table where your night time reading lamp, alarm clock, and phones can inhabit? Don’t ruin the vibe picking up some mismatched scrap pieces at some yard sale. Steens Richmond has got you covered with its matching grey bedside table with three drawers. With its grey MDF and four little feet made of pine, the Steens Richmond Bedside Cabinet is very contemporary with roomy drawers to keep your books. Your partner can even store their nighttime book safely just before shutting down for the night. With less than £50, you can get yourself one of these. Very wallet friendly, huh?

Steens Richmond totally has what it takes to get you hooked up with an ultra-modern bedroom, and that includes housing your clothes. Don’t just leave them hanging all over the sofa. Give those them the posh treatment they deserve with the Steens Richmond Grey and Pine 3 Door 4 Drawer Wardrobe. Standing tall at 4’5 feet, your clothes will have lots of room to spread out unhindered. With four drawers, you can store your foldable clothes and carve out an underwear section. Better still it is large enough to accommodate all of your partner's clothing too.

 Price Crash Furniture - Affordable Grey Furniture Online, UK

Looking for more colours other than grey? Price Crash Furniture has what you need. As a leading UK online furniture company, we offer furniture collections from some of the country’s best independent furniture manufacturers and suppliers. Only quality is the name of our game, so rest assured that we offer the best furniture online in addition to offering a fast and reliable delivery of your goods both in the UK and internationally. For further information, contact our dedicated customer service team on 01964 631 815, but if you prefer to have a browse through our full range of products, click here.

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