Become Style Royalty with the Monaco Furniture Collection

When most people think of Monaco, they picture style, royalty and living the A-list life. So, it is little wonder then that a furniture collection named after such a country is as stylish and extravagant as that country.

The Monaco furniture collection is unusual, unique and incredibly stylish. So, if you love your bedroom to stand out from the crowd, this should be on the top of your shopping list.

Every piece combines luxurious Stirling Oak with glamorous matt black fronts, giving the idea of the best of both worlds. Not only do you have the classic wooden feel of bedroom furniture, but you also get the black fronts, which add a fresh and modern vibe to your furniture. Put together, the Monaco collection gives you furniture that looks like it should be in the pages of a magazine, which is why it’s so incredibly loved.

Here’s a little closer look at the pieces available:

Bedside Drawers

Unlike many bedside cabinets, which can often be slightly boring as a cube with a drawer or two, the Monaco offering is far more unusual. Here, yes you do have a drawer, however, this drawer (etched in matt black) is at the bottom of the cabinet, leaving a large back frame with a small shelf at the top.

This unusual design is very eye-catching, and will become a talking point to friends and family who visit. The shelf itself, its wonderful for adding décor. Get your favourite photograph framed, add a houseplant or add your favourite books.

This beside cabinet design is also available in a slightly larger version with an open shelf. This will add extra height to your cabinet and the open shelf is ideal for storing magazines for bedtime reading.

Chest of Drawers

This versatility is echoed in the chest of drawers, where you can get a smaller piece (4-drawer) which is entirely wood or opt for larger 5-drawer or sideboard that uses that wonderful matt black detail. Every chest comes with ample storage, perfect for keeping all your clothes hidden from view.

Even better, opt for two or more of these to really add to the glamour of your bedroom as well as ensuring you have as much storage as your need.


When you don’t have fitted wardrobes, it can be hard to find a wardrobe set that both looks wonderful and gives you clever storage. A problem you won’t have with the Monaco range. Available in 3 and 4 door versions, like the other pieces in the range, this wardrobe marries wood with the wonderful matt black. With the wardrobes, though, you’ll also get mirrored doors – ideal for taking that pre-night out selfie.


Often the feature of a bedroom, which catches your eye as soon as you enter a bedroom, the Monaco bed will not disappoint. Again, using both wood and matt black, this stylish and modern bed has wonder detail not only in the headboard but around the base of the bed too.

The bed is available in double, king and super-king size.